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I coach medical moms like you— and I’m here to help you shift your mindset so you can feel on top of your game and become your own source of joy and fulfillment.


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Let me save you hours of time (and sanity) each week!

The five must-have apps for the medical life that save me time each and every week. There are my best-kept secrets… my “mommy’s little helpers”... and I'm here to share them with you! Pop in your info and I’ll send it along.

If I had to guess, you've been feeling 

  • Completely wiped out at the end of the day—you planned to hit the gym, but now that sounds like a problem for tomorrow-you.
  • Guilty for carving out some me-time, even though deep down, you know it's essential for your well-being.
  • Torn about the household chores—your partner doesn't contribute much (understandable, given a doctor's workload), but it all accumulates until you finally reach your boiling point! Ugh.

It's time to feel amazing as a medical mom.


Let’s create a space where you have time for yourself and your passions, free from guilt. No more resorting to screens to entertain your kids while you seek a moment of peace. You deserve friends who are there to whisk you away for a surprise birthday on the town. Does it sound more like a Pinterest board than reality? As a fellow medical mom, I can assure you that it's within reach—all it takes is a shift in your mindset!

Top of Your Game

Five month coaching program for medical moms to fight burnout, enhance self-care, reach goals, and feel the best you have since ICU and EKG became household words.

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Hi there, I'm Dr. Ali Baum —

I help medical moms create lasting change and reach incredible heights by cultivating an unstoppable mindset

I work with strong mamas like you who are holding things down (mostly on their own) while their spouses work crazy hours. I show you how to have an exquisite mind AND mindset. When you slow down and take a breather, you’ll be surprised how much further you can keep running— metaphorically and literally! With my guidance, no goal is out of reach.

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"I have loved my time working with Ali! She is someone who cares and encourages, making you want to move forward along your path."

Jen, client