Hello out there, friendly readers!

Hey, friend! I'm your personal mindset cheerleader, here to help you paint a picture of your dream life, keep you on track, and guide you towards making it a reality.

Expect to find heartfelt musings about my family's globetrotting adventures, the bold leap from my medical career to coaching, and all the highs and lows of online entrepreneurship. So, make yourself comfy and have a good look around!

Just a California girl living in the UK with my husband, kids, and our puppy, Brownie. 

I'm Ali Baum, MD

Get to Know me...

1. fav tv show:

Stranger Things

2. snack

mixed nuts

3. drink order

oat flat white

4. can't live without

eight hours of sleep

5. travel spot

any beach

tell me more!

6. fav book

7. fav pen

the fat ballpoint

8. I'm a


9. good at

escape rooms

10. bad at

card games

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Get to Know me...

The Absolutist