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Turn chaos to calm with my favorite apps for medical families

Medical life is hectic, so lock it down and organize it with these time-saving, stress-reducing apps!  


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My favorite apps from residency

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Money, House, Kids

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Can't anyone throw together a list of apps?

Well, sure. They could. You're probably thinking you're good with the apps you have, or that you can find these on your own. BUT I also know you're tight on time which is why I want this list in your hot little hands. I keep recommending these apps, over and over to my friends, folks... and here it is in one place. Stop reading and download it already!

who made this?

Me... I'm Dr. Ali Baum


I help moms who are feeling burned out by the medical life create a healthy mindset by taking care of themselves first, so they can be the best version of themselves for their families.

I know if you have the tools to create a streamlined home, you will have more time and headspace to be a relaxed mama— which will benefit everyone under your roof!

In this resource I share what I learned while holding things together as a dual doctor household. Now I'm a SAHM and a coach... one practicing doctor is enough, wouldn't you say?


But Seriously...

These apps helped guide our family through residency, faculty, and numerous deployments. If I had only one bar left on my 4G, these are the ones I'd download first.

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