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It's Time to Feel on Top of Your Game

To all my moms, wives, and spouses in medicine… jumpstart your transformation today with my five-month coaching program! Unlock incredible results and become the best version of yourself.

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"Ali helped me dig into my thoughts... each week I had an open, unbiased mind to talk with, to help ease doors open and peek in!"

Monica, client

Top of Your Game

This is a five month coaching program specifically for medical moms: I help you remove the mindset blocks around medical life that are preventing you for doing the things you truly want to do.

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Do you ever sit back, look at all the work you do each day, and think:

Without me, my family would be hosed!

It turns out, you are absolutely, 100 percent right. And I know this because when my husband and I were both working 60 hours a week as physicians, what we were sorely lacking was a stay at home mom. 

We barely saw each other, we relied on too many “convenience” services that weren’t convenient, and turned to Tylenol and prayers if a kid got sick. We also paid a small fortune in childcare!

So when I quit medicine to become a stay at home mom, everything got better. I’m sure you can see how the logistics improved— I mean, that’s what you do day in and day out. But it’s the peace and prosperity that a well rested mama brings that really sealed the deal for us as a family. That’s the secret sauce.

My new crew is the doctors’ wives— at the holiday parties, I get to chill in the kitchen with you instead of out wherever the doctors are recounting their boring patient anecdotes. 

I decided to become a life coach for medical moms because I’m a mom like you, and I have been on both sides of the coin… I went to medical school, suffered through residency. But I also was married to a resident and stayed awake all night alone with an infant because my husband was on night float. It’s a weird life we have. You need a coach who gets it.

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"Ali is kind and patient and helped me overcome my fear to take a step forward."

jen, client

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